Blue Safari sea attraction in Mauritius Island

blue safari

Blue Safari attractions Details

Blue Safari - Subscooters & Submarines trip

The Blue Safari begins when you step into le Pescataure restaurant in Trou aux Biches.

To join the platform and get ready for the tour you will have to cross go to the pier and take a shuttle to a platform in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

For the activity that takes about 2 hours. You will have to listen to the instructions to use the underwater machine and finally dive! The dive lasts about 35 minutes and everything happens in the depth of 3 meters deep water with a nice visibility. Throughout the activity you are accompanied by an experience diver.

On the platform there a team of 5 people. While diving in the clear water you will see corals and colorful fish. Sub scooter circuits are totally open you will be able to go wherever you want. Nevertheless you are still guided by a diver who will take you to best place. In case of any problems, you press a red button and the experience stops immediately. After a few seconds you are on the surface of the water and a small boat comes to pick you.


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