Crocodile park Mauritius Island

crocodile park mauritius

Crocodile park

Crocodile park in Mauritius

Crocodile park Mauritius

Vanilla Reserve Mascarene is located in the south of Mauritius. Visit the famous Crocodile Park and meet the giant tortoises.

The park is home to several rare species of animals, reptiles and endemic plants. The park is located in the middle of a beautiful tropical vegetation with natural sources of fresh water that runs through the park.

At the park, you will be either accompanied by a guide or take a stroll in all autonomy in the heart of lush greenery where palm trees, giant bamboo and banana trees will provide shade.

You will also have the chance to feed, pet and play with the giant tortoises of the park that are very friendly. There are also thousands of Nile crocodiles in the park.

The park also features a mini zoo of Mauritian wildlife including iguanas, geckos, giant turtles, bats, deer, mongoose, monkeys and wild boars. You will also be able to eat a crocodile steak or a crocodile burger after the visit of the park in the restaurant.


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