Deep sea fishing in Mauritius Island

big game fishing mauritius

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing in Mauritius

People come from around the world in Mauritius for deep sea fishing. This is one of the best places of earth for sea lovers. Beyond the reef there are large predators such as Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Yellow Tuna, Dog Teeth Tuna, Mako Shark, Tiger Shark and a multitude of over big fishes that hunt their prey on this spot throughout the year.

Although times of abundance are old, Mauritius remains one of the favorite destinations for sea lovers because of the wide variety of big fishes in the sea.

Specialized operators have fleet of several boats of 40 to 50 feet, fully equipped and suitable for the high seas; fast and elegant. They are able to rally the benches within hours.

These boats are driven by local expert skippers that know how to read the current, the surface of the sea and bird activity to locate schools of fish.

Fishing boats are usually privatized for a half day or a full day exclusivity, including lunch and drinks on board. But you can also ask to share the boat and the cost with other participants.

The best time of year for big game fishing in Mauritius extends from October to April, but trips can be organized during the other months, after consulting the weather.


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