Île aux Benitiers in Mauritius Island

Îlot Benitier mauritius

Île aux Benitiers

Île aux Benitiers in Mauritius

Île aux Benitiers Mauritius

The island of Benitiers is an island off the west coast of Mauritius, a few meters from the coast. It owes its name to the large and beautiful shell converted by missionaries in holy water. It belongs to an individual, but the beautiful sandy strip that goes around, remains public.

The Benitiers Island was formed by a coral reef and is an ideal place for tourist trips, an island that is 500 meters in front of Tamarin. The island of Benitiers is two kilometers long but full of wonderful landscapes and unspoilt nature.

The island of Benitiers remains a must-see attraction during your holidays in Mauritius, an interesting spot for diving enthusiast’s, the long stretch of white sandy beaches are ideal for sunbathing. The crysal clear water will leave you speechless.


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