Scuba diving in Mauritius Island

scuba diving mauritius

Scuba diving

Scuba diving in Mauritius

Scuba diving Mauritius

Equipped with fins, masks, snorkels or scuba tanks, you cannot resist the call of the discovery of the Mauritian lagoon. More than twenty scuba diving clubs will be pleased to help you discover the treasures of the seabed. Exploring Mauritius submarines reliefs begins and each region have its wonders

The Indian Ocean is a true water paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts. Colorful fish, shipwrecks lost in the depths of the seabed, coral gardens with striking colors ... Diving in Mauritius and Rodrigues is one of the best diving in the world.

Mauritius is one of the preferred destinations for inveterate divers in search of new territories to explore. It must be said that the biodiversity of the region and the beauty of the lagoons transform diving in Mauritius in absolute immersion in a dream world.

Many diving schools dotted the island from end to end, often located in the heart of the resorts. These facilities, ideal for scuba dive in Mauritius, offer lessons, day trips and equipment rental.


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