Sky diving in Mauritius Island

ile aux cerfs mauritius

Sky diving

Sky diving in Mauritius

Sky diving Mauritius

The tandem skydiving is a unique experience in Mauritius because it offers a new perspective to the beauty of the island.

You will be in free fall has from some 10,000 feets above the ground, you will quickly be mesmerized by the magnificence of Mauritius with stunning views of the mountainous country side, enjoy your holiday to do some extreme sport and give a great shot of adrenaline to your little feverish heart.

After a quick briefing and instructions on the ground, the door of the plane opens and you jump out with your instructor, the time stop for a bref moment and then scroll through at a dizzying speed, while your senses are fully awakening you are waiting for that damn parachute to open.

The experience of flight in free fall only lasts about a minute but it seems endless before the parachute opens, but it’s worth it. You can reach the incredible speed of 200 km / hour and then slide in the air for about 5 minutes, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Mauritius before landing.

For those who will make their first flight, it is strongly recommended to eat a snack before jumping to maintain a reasonable level of sugar in your blood


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