Walking with lions Mauritius Island

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Walking with lions

Walking with lions in Mauritius

Walking with lions Mauritius

Walking with the lions has become one of the most amazing attractions in Mauritius Island, who would have believed that it would be possible to enjoy white sandy beaches, turquoise sea and exotic animals on a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The walks with the big cats are done daily, early in the morning at 09h00, 10h30 and late in the afternoon at 14h00 and 15h30, the moment of the day that meet the best possible conditions for the outing.

The age limit for this attraction is of 15 years old, but in a question of safety there’s also a minimal height of 1m50. Any person that doesn’t meet these conditions will not be able to interact with the lions and the final decision of the management can’t be questioned for your own safety.

There are also health requirement to participate in this activity, no hearing problem, no mental deficiency or people that are under heavy medication are allowed near the lions.

While most of the lions interact daily with humans and are used to their presence, they are without a doubt the most majestic felines of the animal’s kingdom and their basic instinct remain latent. This is why we should respect them during this interaction.


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